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                      Christian                         Ollie                             Martin                            Craig                                        
                                         Drums                                              Lead Guitar                                 Rhythm Guitar                                      Bass   
                                      Vocals                                                              Vocals                                                    Vocals



Christian Elliott


Rock steady

From -

Near Blackpool, but *not* Blackpool

Family -

Married with 2 children

Weekday activity - Quality "professional"

Influences -

Led Zeppelin, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes, AC/DC, Bernard Purdie, Steve White, Kenney Jones

(call it aspirations, more than influences...)

Kit -

Sakae Celestial Kit

Sakae & Mapex snares.

Sabian cymbals, Yamaha & Tama hardware.

Vater sticks.

Yamaha processing

Olly Innes


Guitar genius

From -



Family -


​​Weekend activity Mostly consists of counting ufos and talking to animals.

Influences -

Jimi Hendrix, Andy Summers, Keith Richards and Johnny Marr

Kit -

Fender Strat and Tele and Gibson ES - 355 into a Fender Princeton Reverb

Martin Chapple


Young @ Heart


From -


Family - Married with 5 kids & 6 grandkids between us

Weekday activity -

Golf, band admin and rehearsal, walking with wife (retired teacher) 

Influences -

The Moody Blues, The Beatles, U2, Peter Gabriel,

Pink Floyd, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton...

Kit -

Fender Stratocaster, Hudson 12-string, Crafter electro-acoustic, Gretch  Electromatic Double Jet,

Harley Benton JB-75 Jazz bass

Lewitt MTP 550 DM mic

Blackstar 200 TVP amp


Craig Rigby



From -


Family - 


Weekday activity - 
Car stuff

Wearer of variety of hats to hide his slaphead. Collector of unnecessary crap  

including cheap basses and slim-fit clothes (these often returned as he's not slim!).

Daydreamer and likes cake, choc. crisps and takeaways

Influences - 

"I'm not a genre snob - if it sounds good I'm into it!"

Kit - 

Squire P bass re-issue with flatwound strings.

Musicman Stingray sub in tobacco burst.

Harke 4 x 10 cab with Blackstar head.

Effects pedals.

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